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Click through our FAQs to find answers to commonly posed questions.

General FAQs

Where do I park?
Please visit the directions and parking page to learn more.
Are the Art Galleries open in the summer?
The Art Galleries are typically closed late May until late August for the installation of our fall season. Please visit our upcoming exhibition page to learn more about specific exhibition opening dates.
Can I work or draw in the Art Galleries?
Yes, there are many quiet spaces to sit and work in the Art Galleries. Please use pencil.
I’d like to visit the Art Galleries with my class or group, where do I start?
Contact Liz Canter, Manager of Academic Programs, to discuss your learning objectives for a class session or to arrange a tour.

Collection FAQs

How do I find out more about the Collection?
Visit the Collection page here
How do I use the collection for research or teaching?
Visit our faculty page or the online collection. For additional ideas about learning and teaching with objects contact Liz Canter.
I have a work of art I’d like to donate, what do I do?
Please contact Laura McDonald for information about donating a piece of art.