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The Sun Rises Community Survey

We invite you to engage with us and others in the Tufts community in an open dialogue around the work in this exhibition. Please feel free to respond to one of the prompts or share your own thoughts.

Survey Responses

Are you part of a diasporic community? How does this connect you to one or more artists in the exhibition?
“My grandfather moved from his home country to another territory for economic reasons when he was in his teens. I was also born in that first country and moved away with my family for the same reasons during my childhood. Jacir’s work, I believe, resonates a lot with my personal experience. She addresses the repercussions of the physical disconnect but the emotional preoccupation with the homeland, as if the human being - no matter how far apart from its roots, will always project itself into that setting and still feel part of an ecosystem, a community, and an atmosphere. I have always felt as if I was carrying a piece of my country of birth, its culture, and its sense of community with me as if it was my talisman and my oasis, my refuge from everyday life. The questions "What if I was still there? What if my parents had decided to stay?” follow me in my daydreams and often nourish my sensation of belonging to that “imagined community” (Anderson, 1983).“