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For the Record…

About the Exhibition


May 9–21, 2023



“For the Record…” is the culmination of a year-long rigorous research, experimentation, and academic growth of the 2023 SMFA Senior Thesis artists. Through a variety of materials and mediums including large-scale paintings, interactive sculptures, artist books, ceramics, and video installations, perspectives are dissected and new composites of existence are built. Addressing subjects, such as race, gender, sexual identity, home, ethics, technology, and perception, this Record aims to question the entanglement of self and community.

For the past we process, for the present we share, and For the Record… we are prepared for the future.

Featured artists: Beckett Brueggemann, Valerie Cervantes, Juliette Crisafi, Geovani Cruz, Ex Davidson-Brown, Luna Doherty-Ryoke, Megan Farr, Cade Giordano, Daniela Gonzalez, Maddie Kelly, Lenor Levy, Hai Quynh (Quinn) Luong, John McKean, Lex Morris-Wright, Casey Park, Naomi Pillai, Rocky Prull, Izaiah Rhodes, Samantha Sponer, Effie Sophia Theodospoulos, Keith Khanh Truong, Parker Lily Tuson-Morse, Nayeli Wessell-Meadows, Heather Wunsch