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public intimacies

About the Exhibition


Sep 8 – Oct 31, 2020



How are you doing out there? How are you doing in there? Who or what are you holding? public intimacies comes at a time of uncertainty, perhaps before a time of real cogent analysis of what’s been lost and what comes next but marking a sea change in how we can be together. Passing time, negotiating loss and ambivalence, broadcasting missives from bedrooms, calling lovers and friends on the phone, checking in, being uncomfortable and making others uncomfortable, sitting with disappointment, we make ourselves public through screens and digital space to feel like there is a public, or maybe there will be one again. Utilizing sincerity, persona, absurdity, play, and entanglement, artists in public intimacies make work mediated through the video screen, phone messaging, the online broadcast, and performance documentation, to broadcast personal relationships, desire, and intimacy into shared discursive spaces. Thinking through this present moment, these artists make and maintain spaces that are improvisational and provisional, intimate and confessional, asking others to enter and inhabit and to try and figure out how to be themselves. Organized by Abigail Satinsky, Curator of Exhibitions & Programs.

Artists: Brandon Alvendia, Alex Bag, Sadie Benning, CovidTV, Autumn Knight, and Wanda Raimundi-Ortiz