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Mexico Beyond Its Revolution | México Más Allá de su Revolución

About the Exhibition


Sep 9 – Nov 14, 2010


Koppelman Gallery
Mexico Beyond Its Revolution | México Más Allá de su Revolución, a thematic examination of Mexican art from the past century, celebrates the centennial of the Mexican Revolution as well as the bi-centennial of its independence from Spain. Guest curated by Associate Professor of Art History Adriana Zavala, a specialist in Modern Latin American Art and author of Becoming Modern/Becoming Tradition: Women, Gender and Representation in Mexican Art [Penn State Press, 2010], the exhibition elucidates Mexico’s revolutionary transformations over the 20th century while offering opportunities for viewers to think critically about the role of art in consolidating and challenging political and cultural processes. The 38 works selected exemplify the ways that artists have historically lived and expressed the “Revolution” in all its permutations, but also the ways that art and the nation have transcended the Revolution.