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Aidekman Arts Center
40 Talbot Avenue, Medford
Open Mon–Fri, 10 am–5 pm, Closed weekends
Access limited to Tufts students, faculty, and staff with an active Tufts ID. 

The Tufts University Art Galleries Student Advisory Board (SAB) is a new initiative aimed at furthering student involvement in on-campus gallery spaces. A collective of students from a variety of academic backgrounds, from STEM fields to the visual arts and humanities, the SAB advises TUAG regarding student concerns and facilitates community

Focused programs in order to connect university-housed art spaces to both a broader Tufts population and local communities.

The SAB’s first exhibition, UNREST, evokes both internal the feeling of restlessness (isolation, inactivity, inertia) and the external phenomenon of civil unrest (social, political, class, organization). Since last March, turbulence has become an unavoidable reality for all of us—a feeling with which we can all identify. In UNREST, the SAB facilitates a space for students to creatively express their perspectives on and experiences during the pandemic. In the selection of works for our student-focused exhibition, the SAB took care to include a variety of narratives and magnify those perspectives that have been especially overlooked, giving voice to these inward and outward-facing experiences.

Organized by Anneke Chan A24, Geovani Cruz A23, and Sophie Feinstein A24 of the Tufts University Art Galleries Student Advisory Board 2020–2021.

Featuring work by Evelyn Abramowitz A23, Julia Baroni A23, Maria Fong A21, Rei Gencal A23, Guodong Fu MFA22, Laura Harvey A23, Sophia Nuñez A24, Lilian Piette A24, Kestrel Powers A24, Katrina Wang A21, Vivian Tran A24, and Michelle Zhang A24.