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As Above, So Below
2020 Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition, SMFA at Tufts

Visit the full Online Exhibition, HERE

Zoom Artist Talks & Virtual Walkthrough
Thursday, June 4, 6:30 pm
Register, HERE

Featuring Cameron Barker, Chelsey Becker, Mia Fabrizio, Billy Foshay, Grace Gomez, Liz LaPides, Sally Lee, John Lehman, Marla McLeod, Andrew Perini, Gabriel Richardson, Ralph Robinson, Gil Spears, Yixiang Tong, Karli Tucker, Denise Waite, and Kimothy Wu

Often attributed to ancient author Hermes Trismegistus, the phrase “as above, so below” describes how everyday earthly events reflect the larger forces of the universe or heavens above. Students gravitated to the phrase as a way to connect the microcosm of their own daily lives and individual artistic practices to a larger macrocosm governed by the cosmic and social, political, and economic systems outside our grasp and control. The exhibition was titled before the Covid-19 pandemic, and little did anyone realize just how much larger realities would soon change and reorganize even the most small-scale activities of daily life.

While a physical exhibition in the Aidekman Arts Center has been postponed until a future date in Spring 2021, the 2020 SMFA MFA Thesis class has embraced the online exhibition format and their resulting presentation represents a capstone of two years of work in the graduate program.

The 2020 MFA Thesis virtual tour is generously supported by Robert Nagle.

View the full virtual tour below

Here are a few tips for navigating the Virtual Tour:

  • The Virtual Tour is best viewed at fullscreen, please click the three dots in the top right and select fullscreen.
  • You can find out more information about each artist by clicking the small “i” icon by each grouping of artwork.
  • Please be sure to look all the way around in each viewing room as there is art on every virtual wall!
  • Having trouble navigating? If you’re using a track pad, hold down and swipe to turn through a space. You can get closer to artwork by tracking forward.
  • Still having trouble? Feel free to email us at