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Bridge as Form + Idea

Author and activist Angela Davis wrote that “walls turned sideways are bridges,” a phrase that inspired the title of the exhibition this installation accompanies, Walls Turned Sideways: Artists Confront the Justice System. Davis’s phrasing transforms the divisiveness of a wall into the connectivity of a bridge, imbuing the term “bridge” with meaning that goes beyond structure or architecture. Bridges make connections not just in physical space, but also between ideas, concepts, and emotions. Their main task is to overcome barriers.

Building Connections: Bridge as Form + Idea explores the bridge as a powerful visual metaphor of connection between people, lands, and even cells. Artworks from Tufts University’s Permanent Art Collection, in addition to collaborative works made with members of the Tufts community, encourage us to think deeply about the meanings and functions embedded in this vernacular form.

Images by photographers André Kertész and Danny Lyon explore the impact of emotional connection, whereas scientific and engineering work done by Tufts students explores physical iterations of connection, from the biological to the architectural.

Just as these works are set in dialogue with each other, we hope that this installation will provide a place of connection between information and ideas. As you move through the gallery, we invite you to consider potential “bridges” and “walls” within your own experience. Where can new connections be fostered?

Organized by TUAG Graduate Fellow Abigail Lynn AG21
and Ayden Crosby A21