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Press Press
The Well / SMFA
Remis Sculpture Court / Aidekman

Kimi Hanauer Calling All Denizens The Well and Exterior Billboard, SMFA Campus
Press Press Sanctuary is not yet an experience Remis Sculpture Court, Aidekman Art Center, Medford/Somerville Campus

Artist Response is an ongoing initiative in the SMFA's Well Space and the Aidekman Arts Center’s Media Wall that puts historical and contemporary artists’ projects responding to social crises in dialogue. Utilizing a range of critical and creative strategies, these works speak to a historical continuum of how artists reflect and resist their social moments.

Press Press (based in Baltimore, MD) aims to shift and deepen the understanding of voices, identities, and narratives that have been suppressed or misrepresented by the mainstream, so far focusing on immigration and race in the United States, and to build networks of relationships through publishing practices centered on self-representation and gathering. Through an understanding of publishing as the act of gathering a public, Press Press’s streams of work include public cultural programming, an open-access publishing studio that’s based on an Exchange Economy, youth publishing workshops in an immigrant & refugee only space, and the ongoing production of print and digital publications. At SMFA at Tufts, Press Press’ founder Kimi Hanauer will present Calling All Denizens, a participatory research project to cooperatively imagine the new political practice of denizenship as an alternative to the notion of citizenship which will take the form of a billboard and wheatpaste installation. At the Aidekman Arts Center, Press Press’ installation Sanctuary Is Not Yet An Experience will be based on their collaborative manifesto exploring the notion of sanctuary.

In Medford, their installation will be associated with the group exhibition Bookworks.