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Directed Looking Gallery

January 24 – May 21, 2017
Koppelman Family Gallery

The Directed Looking Gallery is dedicated to innovative teaching and experiential learning. The space fosters the observation of art objects for the purposes of education and research.

Inquiry is at the heart of any educational gallery.

What questions does an object provoke? How do people know what they know about objects? What visual evidence can you find to support your ideas?

Learning through art is not just about posing and answering questions. Learning through art requires one to slow down in order to really see. The type of slow looking promoted in this gallery requires patience and practice.

Some of the oldest objects in this gallery date from Ancient Greece and have been intentionally juxtaposed with modern artworks. This variety is intended to be both an invitation and a provocation. As you observe seemingly disparate objects placed in close proximity, consider why they are shown together—is it material, time, technique? For example, there are many ways artists use carving in this exhibition. Think about the choices involved in creating or making something in a subtractive way. How must one’s vision change to accomplish this?

Let the enjoyment of wandering through the Directed Looking Gallery prompt creative reflection on your own work. Wonder about patterns, similarities and differences. While you do this, you are unconsciously honing pattern recognition skills used in many professions. Doctors and scientists employ such skills in clinical work, and sociologists and statisticians use them to analyze data sets. Think about what objects are significant to your discipline, or tell a story relevant to you.

Students of all ages can benefit from sustained engagement with art. The Directed Looking Gallery aims to provide an educational experience that enhances student work inside and outside of the classroom. Ultimately, through visual literacy, the Gallery enhances critical thinking skills that are transferable to any area of life.