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MFA Thesis Exhibition

December 1 - 18, 2011
Tisch Gallery

This exhibition is the first in an ongoing series of MFA thesis exhibitions shown annually at the Tufts University Art Gallery as part of the joint graduate degree program of Tufts University and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

About the artists:

"As children grow old, their "lovies" are not forgotten but relegated to limbo. They are not mourned, but internalized and memorialized. The objects themselves are laid to rest on dusty shelves, childhood beds, and in boxes in attics and basements. That is where I found them. Unearthed from their fated tombs, these precious objects were posed for their posthumous portrait miniature, which is displayed with an enshrined relic of the original lovie."

Portrait of Jackie Yonkers (Love-A-Lot Bear), 2011, oil on panel, 3x3 in.

Kim's large-scale sculpture reveals multicultural experiences using architectural and natural environments as the basis of her art practice. Through multicultural experiences in Korea, Saudi Arabia, and the United States, Kim developed her interest in interactions between the architectural and natural world. By adopting architectural elements, such as wood joinery from Korean architecture, Islamic Mosque patterns, and American geodesic dome structures, Kim conveys a human-centric attitude towards nature in contemporary society.

Penrose, 2011, wood, rice paper, wire

Above and Beyond: Hors de Combat subverts the traditional logic of the military video game by experimenting with the genre's narrative and interactive conventions. By creating an alternative environment for gamers to interact with war, Larkin hopes to complicate the packets of experience that flash across intersections among youth, culture, violence, nationalism, and interface.

Above and Beyond: Hors de Combat, 2011, video game


The title of Katrina Neumann's exhibition, Pri Blan, is Haitian Creole for "Price of the White" or "White Prices." In this immersible installation, Neumann explores chromophobia, the action of marking and deleting, and the travel memoir as a concept. Inspired by the German Romantic painters to the ephemeral experience, Neumann uses multi-media to explore new landscapes.

Untitled, 2011, digital photography