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MFA Thesis Exhibition

May 5 - May 22, 2011
Tisch Gallery

This exhibition is the final in an ongoing series of MFA thesis exhibitions shown annually at the Tufts University Art Gallery as part of the joint graduate degree program of Tufts University and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Public Opening Reception: Thursday, May 5, 5:30-8:00pm
Artists' Talks: Thursday, May 5, 5:00pm

About the artists:

Blade will be exhibiting oil paintings that deal with ideas of supermodernity, isolation, and non-places. He creates images of subways, hotel spaces, motorways and other spaces of transience that generally do not hold a specific history. Blade allows the paint to be paint while incorporating color theory and referencing different modes of painting. His images reflect the social and structural shift that our present world is making.

Courtland J. Blade, The Parking Garage, 2011, oil on canvas, 30x40 inches.

Endres' graduate work, Paintings from the American Burden by P.J. Endres Jr. is equal parts comedy and tragedy, the frenzied group scenes are painted memorials to the events of an alternate reality. A dark pact made by television light and a vivacious afternoon beheading serve as subject matter for the doomed hero artist, P.J.Endres Jr., who may be as flawed as the accomplices he paints.

Paul Endres, Jr., The Beheading of Our Savior David Ocampo in the Interest of Preservation and Future Rejuvenation, Seventeenth Day in October, in the Year of Our Lord, 2010-2011, acrylic on canvas, 62x96 inches.

Gross' installation documents The Boston Tree Party - a participatory and collaborative public project to plant 100 pairs of heirloom apple trees in civic spaces across the Greater Boston area from Feb. 2011-Nov. 2016. As an urban agriculture project, the campaign creates vital gathering places, builds community connections, and improves community health. As a conceptual art project, The Boston Tree Party engages with metaphor and symbolism, and playfully reimagines patriotic and political
language, imagery, and forms of association.  More information >

Lisa Gross and Shea Cadrin, The Boston Tree Party Flag, 2011, printed cloth, size variable


The root of Sanchez's work lies in hybridism and the cross-breeding of language. Fragmentos is an installation piece that consists of thousands of ephemeral tiles, each composed of screen printed imaginary organisms that repeat and transform themselves into a narrative constantly renewed through a non-linear progression. As an artist and immigrant, Sanchez's oeuvre does not follow traditional conventions of painting, printmaking or sculpture, rather it devours all of these elements in order to create something that can easily adapt to a foreign environment.

Ingrid de Aguiar Sanchez, Carnivorous from the installation Fragmentos, 2011,
screen-printed on leather, 6x4 inches.


Mong-jane's work is an inquiry of Americanized Chinese cuisine. It considers the generic composition of Chinese takeout food a result and metaphor of the relocation of culture. The show consists of photographs of archetypal dishes and sculptures that identify the characteristics of a Chinese takeout restaurant. Spatial arrangements of the two further suggest possible conditions of cultural assimilation and adaptation.

Mong-jane Wu, Beef and Broccoli, 2011, photograph.