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MFA Thesis Exhibition

May 6 - May 23, 2010
Tisch and Koppelman Galleries

This exhibition is the final of an ongoing series of MFA thesis exhibitions shown annually at the Tufts University Art Gallery as part of the joint graduate degree program of Tufts University and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

About the artists:

"A Dismal Tropic explores a story of burgeoning desire of between a Taiwanese gay couple who narrate how they met, dated and fell in love while also reflecting on their earliest sexual awakenings. Their narration overlaps scenes of Taiwan: a raw pork vendor, an underground subway tunnel, a vendor bathing in a close fish market after closing, and the 228 Peace Memorial Park - a known gay cruising park whose heyday was in the eighties and nineties and became well known through the popular novel "Crystal Boys" by gay Taiwanese Writer Pai Hsien-yun from 1983."

A Dismal Tropic, 5/2010, HD Video

"My thesis work is a dual channel animated film installation, which is going to combine both traditional hand drawn animation and digital animation techniques. I will also show the original drawings and sketches used for animation shooting. I want to represent that with modernization and the growth of cities, more and more traditional architectures and cultures are being destroyed and forgotten. The first animation, Protector, is 5 minutes long and the second animation, Old City, is 9 minutes."

Protector, 2010, Animation, 5 minutes

"I will be showing a body of work that contains video, animation, and painting in various combinations that reflect and reveal the process of making. Each piece openly displays its codes of construction through reduplication, multiples, and a literal naming of the tools being used. This draws the viewers' awareness back to the medium, rather than illusion, exposing the potential arbitrariness of dominant conventions and allows for an active and unrestricted interpretation of meaning."

Mise-en-abyme: Temple, 2010, 2 takes of 58 videos, projection, 1,084 photographs, acrylic paint 

"This Land, a series of large-scale oil paintings on aluminum, is a contemporary exploration of the American landscape. Each piece is an abstraction, steeped in memory, desire, separation, connection and the sublime. They present the land; its history, scope and terrible beauty, as a place that is seen and felt, forgotten and remembered."

Untitled (This Land; One), oil on Aluminum, 60 x 120 inches, 2010

"My thesis presentation is titled Desperate Measures. It is comprised of sculptures, videos and paintings all of which deal with the severe dysphoria and the sense of loss of self resulting from a traumatic experience. Seventeen sculptures are black glitter encrusted boxes varying in size from 33 in x 36 in. x 69 in. to a 7 in. cube. All have removable lids with something inside relating to my personal struggle with depression and anxiety, the result of a four year lawsuit. These sculptures require the viewer to remove the lid and release and explore the contents. The videos play on monitors installed inside some of the boxes. When closed, the audio from four boxes can be heard all at once, a disturbing, yet funny cacophony. Another sculpture is a rack on a black pedestal holding greeting cards of images of my paintings. The cards are for sale and there is a money box affixed to the side of the pedestal: indeed a desperate measure and a reduction of the hierarchy of the large paintings. The exhibit also includes nine paintings relating to the exhibition theme."

I'm Lost, 2010, oil, acrylic, glitter on canvas, 54 x 45 inches, courtesy of the artist

"Everything begins with one step, one way, and one line to get from here to there. Getting from here to there most often does not have one straight line.
There are times when I need to go around, double back and cross over again.
At times the ground under foot may not be even.
I tend to get lost in the vastness of here to there.
My work is about the trek from here to there.
Finding out that there begins here."

Step #101, B4 Pencil on gesso plywood, 10 x 7 inches