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MFA Thesis Exhibition
May 1–May 18 , 2008
Tisch Gallery

This exhibition is the final in an ongoing series of MFA thesis exhibitions shown annually at the Tufts University Art Gallery as part of the joint graduate degree program of Tufts University and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

About the artists:

yaron dotan

“My drawings explore the crossroad between the conventionally sensual and the limits of perception.  The Op Art technique I employ is designed to shake the eye as it tries to find familiarity in the most recognizable of patterns - the human face and figure.  I will further my exploration with a video based on my drawings, calculated to bring attention to the role of perception as a filter that separates us from the objects we hope to understand."

Filter, 2008
video still


elizabeth le doux 

Borderlands is a series of observational, narrative videos that etches the boundaries between the microcosms and macrocosms of nature and explores notions of ‘place’ and ‘placelessness.’  Captured images of ‘events’ are used to subvert images of the ‘natural’; the ‘natural’ is reconstructed in an unusual perspective or context.  The juxtaposition of two images creates meanings and inferences that would not otherwise exist in the original images."

Borderlands, April 2008
two-channel video and sound installation


youngsun lee 

“My paintings are about pathos of flesh caught in gaps or interstices. They are full of white-tone grids and strips playing figurative roles. White-tones are for me cultural colors as those in Korean traditional funerals. Pathos is visualized as the tension between expression of life and control of rules. "

White Grid VI , 2007
oil on canvas, 36 x 28" 


hilary mc bride 

The Mythology of Dominance of the World is both an installation and a diagram. It is a 'sculptural snapshot' analogous to a world fixated on building, speed and expansion, where organic functions and technological ambition often collide.

Construction projects, natural disasters, and the high art of neo-avant-garde architecture have become signposts of both immortality and transience. Through an investigation of these forms and their relationships I look to consider and question how we envision our world, and how we inhabit it."

The Mythology of Dominance of the World 
digital collage of installation

Mc Bride

sarah williamson 

“My show consists of a series of video works that explore the presence of the uncanny within domestic space.  Referencing the photographic and video still, I create carefully framed shots that question the structures contained within.  Incorporated within the videos are handmade “survival”kits and/or makeshift sculptures. Essentially useless bundles of material, these strange kits are non-sensical and crude conglomerations of materials often found in the home, like foil, fabric, paper, and plastic wrap.

The video work, and the simple sculptures and subtle happenings that occur within the moving picture, reference the overall societal climate of fear and loss of safety.  The kits are a psychological response to fear:  by hoarding, nesting, and stockpiling material, one prepares for disaster and emergency.  The subtle and random actions within allude to notions of the supernatural, or to a looming presence that overwhelms the individual.  Ultimately, the works strive to hollow out and define this motivating fear of loss and disaster in hopes of overcoming it in the process.”

Hallway Still, February 2008
video still