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MFA Thesis Exhibition
November 29–December 16 , 2007
Tisch and Koppelman Galleries

This exhibition is the first of an ongoing series of MFA thesis exhibitions shown annually at the Tufts University Art Gallery as part of the joint graduate degree program of Tufts University and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

About the artists:

janine biunno

“I have selected a set of physical and metaphorical landmarks that symbolize the site that I occupy and then have create a two-dimensional panorama of that space. My choice of imagery contrasts a literal depiction of Boston with a constructed and augmented version generated out of my recent experiences in this locale. The final project (a 48 x 350-inch piece of screen-printed Tyvek) is a result of my constantly changing perceptions of this city."

digital rendering of screenprint


cathleen faubert

“My work focuses on the intersection of hedonism, escapism, excess, the uncanny, and the carnivalesque. I will transform the gallery into a theater of the ridiculous through multiple video projections and a glowing pile of cotton candy. The video work depicts me emerging from and falling into mounds of cotton candy, as well as an overwhelming projection of the cotton candy making machine. The viewer will navigate a darkened, esoteric space amidst sights and smells of the candy while confronted with fantastical video projections."

Floating, 2007
digital print, 20 x 24"


lawrence getubig

“I use analog camera formats to produce color photographs that recreate scenes from my childhood superhero, action, and romance comic books. I often insert myself into these scenes. My photo shoots are performative events akin to child's play, utilizing flashlights, simple flash kits, and long exposures to create fantasy landscapes and tableau on film. My work grapples with ideas of identity as it pertains to race, gender, and age."

I Want To Be A Cowboy Action Figure, 2007
analog c-print, 20 x 24"


Rebecca bird grigsby

“The subject of my installation what lies between here and there is the fragmentation, dislocation, and replication of the Parthenon, in an effort to investigate the idea of place and the relationship between an original and its copy. The installation incorporates architecture, print media, and the souvenir to represent the complex impressions left by my travels to London, Athens, and Nashville, Tennessee and to explore notions of authenticity, artifice, and desire."

what lies between here and there (floorplan), 2007
digital rendering, 6 x 4" 


Matthew meta 

Matthew Meta, The Best Artist in the World, is a contemporary snapshot of the current state of nearly 28 years of art making.  At least three-shows-in-one, this exhibit features work by artists and non-artists inspired by Matthew Meta, battle-worn art uniforms, inexpensive multiples, a chance to win a free arcade game, and an
opportunity to roll with the artist himself."

Undisputed Proof, The Best Artist in the World, 2007
medium and dimensions variable 


Kurt williams 

“I am working on a series of black-and-white acrylic paintings of various dimensions that are representational images of Ghosts and Demons."

acrylic, 36 x 48"