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MFA Thesis Exhibition
November 30—December 17, 2006
Tisch and Koppelman Galleries 

This exhibition is the first of an ongoing series of MFA thesis exhibitions shown annually at the Tufts University Art Gallery as part of the joint graduate degree program of Tufts University and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

About the artists:


“Lettuce is a sculptural installation of heirloom lettuce grown by the artist. During the opening the lettuce will be harvested, tossed into salad, and shared."

Lettuce, 2006, sculptural installation


Rebecca heyl 

"I have created a mixed media presentation using fabric and collage. Collateral Damage represents the rising number of deaths due to the Iraq war — the more than 50,000 recorded deaths resulting directly from the violence — as well as the indirect, and often unreported deaths. The installation will create a space for mourning and remembrance of the dead — Iraqi or American, combatant or civilian."

Collateral Damage, 2006, paper and ink

jia-jen lin

"I find it fascinating to create sculpture of various shapes using my body, water, and air movement. I enlarge my hair and torso, transforming it into vinyl tubing and latex work. By wearing the heavy and oversized sculptures, which make it hard for me to move, I portray the discomfort and displacement caused by them. My work provides a perspective on where we belong when daily life is overly saturated by artificial environments.  The exhibition consists of photographic and video documentation of three sculpture works. "

Untitled (detail), 2006, vinyl tubing, wire, fishing line


julie lohnes 

"My two-screen video installation positions the viewer between two walls. One wall features a melee of activity on a panoramic beach facing the ocean. Seven women in their late twenties to early thirties are involved in a gun fight wearing all sorts of modes of feminine dress: high heels, dresses, bathing suits, skirts, and jeans. The "guns" are carved out of pink polystyrene and are not precise depictions of a revolver, a 9mm, or a rifle. The second wall features the same seven women facing away from the viewer watching the footage from the first wall on a TV screen. The guns are spread throughout the installation space and travel with each participant during the opening and exhibition. Viewers are encouraged to play with the guns."
2-video screen installation, 2006


inki min 
"I concentrate on painting and sculpture in most of my recent works. The paintings are American landscapes in mixed Western and Eastern styles, accented by teddy bears. Reflecting my view as a foreigner, these painting speak of the social relationship in our multi-cultural, multi-racial landscape. The sculpture is a 3D installation of a miniaturized landscape on a wooden table.

I use teddy bears as a metaphor in my art because of my dream-like childhood memories of living in the USA for one year. As a result, teddy bears personify my childhood icons and fantasies. I wish to extract and illustrate my stories and messages.

I also make miniatures of ‘made in USA’ cookie wrappers. Like teddy bears, these small objects are metaphors for both immigration and for the importation and exportation of mass produced goods. My art and the commercial items used to make it comment on colonialism, globalization, and American consumerism. Despite the serious messages I like to express, I strongly believe that art can convey warm feelings and can even be humorous. "

Public Garden, 2006, 53 x 72", acrylic and sumi ink on canvas


natacha villamia sochat 

“A moment of bottomless despair Found me
Letting go of everything that tethered
Having to survive
With arms outstretched
Mouth and I’s wide open
cells, molecules, and atoms,
quantum strings,
Breaking through to a NeuroMorphic

Pieces of this NeuroMorphic Universe are
presented in this project,
Microscopic and Macroscopic simultaneously,
Mirroring layered complexity and an
interconnected consciousness.
Whimsical, Irrational, Playful
Medicis and Tomato Soup topple
Where the Child is a Warrior
In My NeuroMorphic Garden.”

Invasion In a NeuroMorphic Universe, 2006, india ink, acrylic gouache, and pigmented ink, 24 x 24"



"This body of work is comprised of oil on panel paintings that depict figures in bed surrounded by the folds of well-worn sheets, blankets, and pillows."

oil on panel, 2006