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MFA Thesis Exhibition
April 5–24, 2005
Tisch, Koppelman, and Slater Concourse Galleries 

This exhibition is the third of four in an ongoing series of MFA thesis exhibitions shown annually at the Tufts University Art Gallery as part of the joint graduate degree program of Tufts University and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. The work includes installation, sculpture, photography, and video. 

About the artists:

Nicole Arendt 
"Once upon a time, in a land far far away, in an alternate universe from our own, there was a girl. She dreamed of another world different than her own. One fine day, she boarded a space ship. This ship would bring her to a place where her hopes and dreams would be answered. Idealism filled her heart. She knew that this place would give her everything she desires…"
Still from Maria's Blue, Video

hilary baldwin 
At night, I passed a wall being built under a fluorescent plumb-line, one stone stacked upon another. Where the string was held taut by a wooden stake at the end of a half-finished row, a stray beam from a streetlight illuminated a crushed can of generic brand orange soda, and I felt implicated in some mysterious unfolding plot.  Knowing the mood would be broken by dawn, I gave in to an urge to pick up the soda-can and take it home.

Leah Bedrosian
Age: 23
Height: 6’4”
Weight: (I’ll tell you later)
Body Type: Athletic/Fit
Location: Boston, MA
About me: I have never dated another Armenian before. I guess its becoming more important to me. I mean, I could never imagine marrying someone who didn’t know what latmajun is. I am the type of person who always has a large group of friends, but also prefers quiet time at home.
About my match: I’m pretty open…contact me and I’ll let you know if you fit the bill. To find out more about me go to
Not Your Average Armenian, from the series Armenian Online Dating, 2004

Yvonne boogaerts 
There is something appealing about being displaced, off-set, relocated, elevated and situated in ways that are unfamiliar. Novel visual perspectives result in new takes on ordinary situations, places and materials. Your interactions and experiences are part of the art. Allow yourself to be surrounded with color and see the everyday transform and amuse you.

gina dawson 
Movie Star Homes
I am greatly interested in the lore and lure of Los Angeles and I am particularly interested in celebrities that I have felt a personal connection to at some time in my life.  In stitching the map to the stars homes I have personalized an object that millilons of tourists purchase.  Through countless hours of reproduction, watching movies while stitching, I have become intimately familiar with L.A.'s famous addresses, landmarks, and productions.  There is a literal thread between this place and me.

Amy Finkelstein 
This work explores the non-objective presence of light and sound and the ability of these mediated motions to envelop space and the senses. The work is a document in two parts of a darkened space illuminated with electric light, and the places it has revealed. Analog photographs evidence a potentially existent, somehow familiar place. A panoramic room houses the movements and sounds found there.

Aimee LaPorte 
I am interested in chance and collaboration with unseen forces. I began this body of work by amassing a collection of lottery tickets. These I found on the ground simply by walking around my neighborhood. I was attracted to the graphics immediately. The icons used in the tickets range in lexicon from that of the gambler to magic and dreamy childhood fantasy. My interest here lies in the subliminal coversation about life and death and suffering.

What has turned out to be more interesting is the way in which the card had been scratched. The rush of the dizzying anticipation of a life-changing event is relfected in each scratch of the ticket. The rush of the dizzying anticipation of a life-changing event is reflected in each scratch of the ticket. The scratches themselves portray so much emotion. The cards are physical evidence of hope. I see the lottery tickets as the remains of secular prayers.

Because I only find the losing tickets, they sometimes seem more like a masturbatory cast off. By painting the revealed result of the losing lottery ticket, I accept failure as part of life. The tickets are charged with the deisre of the person who played them, and for that reason take on a life of their own.

Lior Neiger 
Space Available directs attention to places that we tend to perceive as an authority; from telescopes and imaging devices to computers. The works move from far corners of our universe to pixels on a computer screen, while subverting the subject to reveal an unexpected aspect. In the series of photographs Voyage around my Room, for example, what seem like telescope-generated images turn out to be round-cropped pieces of apartment walls. Space Available includes video, paintings, and photographs that create “Constellation Art”: a group of works with visual and thematic proximity but with gaps to keep each part free-floating.
Earth1 from Voyage Around My Room, C-Print, 2004, 10"X14"

juniper perlis 
Dear Dad,
I am writing to invite you to my Master's of Fine Arts thesis exhibition at Tufts University.  I have been studying at the Museum School in Boston for the last two and a half years, knowing you have a place in Somerville.  The work I have been doing for the last year or so has been inspired by searching for you, wanting to see you, and by anxieties which accompany the searching.

evelyn rydz 
Mapping Lineage
Mapping Lineage
 is a project prepared with collected fragments and conglomerates of landscapes woven together through line. It is made up of layered links, connections, and voids. It is concerned with problems and possibilities of space, relocation and adaptation, simultaneity of perspectives, the fragility in cycles of time, decay, and renewal, fluctuations evolving, transforming, and morphing malleable matter and memory, the intimacy of breathing, hope, gravity and the inevitability found within traces and marks of our accumulated experiences.
Detail from Mapping Lineage , Acrylic, Ink, and Color Pencil on Paper, 2005

Erin M. Sadler
In part, the art object is the object petit a: setting desire in motion, tempering jouissance, permitting extravagance, naturalizing perversion within a fantasy-place, the gallery space. When it strikes my tongue – well then, I’ve certainly encountered something.

tim saltarelli
Upon uncovering the tragic story of ‘Major’ Taylor, the Worchester cyclist and vaudevillian whose accomplishments predate those of famed heavyweight champion Jack Johnson, so too was the history of the Charles River Park in Cambridge being uncovered. In the early 1900s, before being divided, redeveloped, and eventually sold to Necco, the park may or may not have housed a small, uniquely elliptical wooden racetrack.