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MFA Thesis Exhibition: XO
April 8-25, 2004
Tisch and Koppelman Galleries 

About the artists:

Jowhara AlSaud
This project explores the art gallery as a medium through an installation of found artists. My curatorial debut showcases the work of young international artists concerned with the concept of boundaries, how they are defined, and the artists’ desires to blur or transgress them. The thread that ties me and these artists together becomes a starting point for a larger cross-cultural, cross-medium, cross-contextual discourse.

Lorien Bianchi
Driven by the notion of borders and boundaries, the work in this exhibition is about collision, conflict, and harmony and reveals my own experience living “in between” worlds. Through historical photographic processes distinct scientific worlds are juxtaposed: gigantic cosmos simulations and the miniature neuron images. Viewers are invited to participate in the process of putting a word puzzle together.

(Left) A Human Brain Cell; (Right) Simulation of the Present Universe
Cyanotype/InkJet Print

Gonzalo Fuenmayor
I am interested in how images shift meaning once they are translated into a pictorial language. Human-scale decaying plantains are arranged in staged compositions that subversively lead viewers into unexpected venues. The manipulation of these images pictorially and stylistically raises questions ranging from art historical to political.

Nathan Lewis
The work consists of five narrative paintings about the institutions we continue to erect and our inability to maintain them. The tower is used as a symbol of power, a power which, in different cases, we desire, resist, protect, or destroy.

Danica Mills
Danica Mills is interested in both documentary and fictional film and video. She draws her influences from western classical music and Chinese literature. “Poet” (b/w, 16mm, 30min) is a fictional narrative film in which a cross-cultural encounter is stymied by daydreams and desires.

A Still Image from the artist’s film “Poet”

Amy Montali
Borrowing from the languages of painting, cinema, and snapshot photography, as well as advertising, entertainment, and propaganda, this installation features large-scale photographs that explore rivalry, desire, guilt, and interpersonal disparity in both real and fictitious relationships.

Martin, Palmer, and Nora
C-print, 30x40 inches, 2003

N. Seideneck
These large-scale digital prints are constructed using appropriated satellite images/files from the Internet as well as my own source images. They explore ideas of aesthetics as anesthetic, of machine vision, shifting perspectives, and how the technology of image production operates in relation to the viewer.

Sara Seinberg
The photographs are a saturated carnival world, a place where detritus is a beauty queen. Longing rules the chasms left empty by language. Ultimately, emotional willingness and the sheer tug of color triumph in a kind of languid verse. Comfort and a soundtrack help take the viewer into a landscape where all the grains swirl together.

Sue Yang
Through digitally manipulated photographs, I intend to create art as an inspiration for people to be more open-minded, accepting, and appreciative of cultural diversity.